The Top 3 most popular dog breeds

Dogs are gorgeous animals, I know you’ll agree, but they are just so brilliant it’s hard to know which is best! With different characters, looks, and activity levels it’s so hard to narrow it down. So we have done some of the thinking for you, and produced the three most popular dog breeds. Here are The Top 3 most popular dog breeds


The Labrador is undoubtedly one of the most popular dog breeds. Well known for their gorgeous temperament, the Labrador is a real family dog. These dogs are most popular in Canada, UK and America. Labradors are patient and intelligent, this has meant that they have become popular aid dogs for the blind, people with autism and young people with learning difficulties. Labrador’s are also known as one of the most protective of all breeds of dogs. Its a great feeling to know your dog has your back.


a beautiful Labrador

Springer Spaniel

The English Springer Spaniels are famous for their bouncy and energetic personalities, this breed are great fun and the perfect companion for someone with an active and outdoorsy lifestyle. With their soft and cuddly coat these animals are extremely social and love cuddles so make a brilliant addition to the group. These stunning animals have enough energy to run the world if it could be put into a jar and sold!

Springer Spaniel

fluffy ear’d Springer Spaniel


These little bundles of joy have quickly become hugely popular in the doggy world. Adored for their unusual looks and sassy personalities the pug are a brilliant breed to have. Popularity grew when celebrities such as Gerald Butler and Professor Green became proud owners, even bringing them along to award ceremonies and launches. Truly, Pug’s are now the latest fashion statement.

a pug

as cute as a pug could possibly be

If your are not sold on one of these stunning breeds of dogs, then you should be checked to see if you have a heart!

Darlene Mitchelle