Top 3 Ugly Dogs And Yet, The Most Adorable

Ugly dogs are now the new fashion statement!.. why? Because they are absolutely adorable. Although there is an abundance of Quasimodo’s in the ugly dog world, we have had to think long and hard about which ones of mans best friends really are the ugliest/ most adorable of all. Feast your eyes on these ugly dogs. 

Top 3 Ugly Dogs And Yet, The Most Adorable

pug rapped up in a blanket

a pug being adorable

The Pug

This innocent little creature really does not score high in the looks department, but with its squishy face, bulging eyes and chub rolls it has got the world enchanted. In 2017 the pug was voted one of the most popular dog breeds by both women and men of the public. This breed has definitely got those puppy dog eyes down to a ‘T’ and are well up there on the adorable list.

English Bull Terrier

The English Bull Terrier is almost alien like, it has a long snout, elongated oval head and beady little eyes, yet, it is hugely popular for being a man’s best friend; these dogs are loved for their loyalty and protective behaviour. Known for being misunderstood, they are well natured and amazing with new people and children.

The Puli

Looking like they have been plucked straight off Bob Marley’s head, these Hungarian pooches have an extremely thick and matted coat. However, if dreadlocked dogs are your thing, then the Puli will be pulling at your heart strings, with amazing temperaments and loads of energy, these dogs make great working animals- traditionally used in Hungary as sheep herding dogs.

There you have it, ugly dogs really are adorable! Well, this charming bunch are especially. No words could be more true than also saying that what these lot lack in looks they make up for in character. Do you own any ugly dogs? 

Darlene Mitchelle