Starting up a Pet Shop – Marketing Strategies

To promote your pet store business, you will need to evaluate different marketing strategies and come up with the ones relevant to your geographical area. Identify the specific audience you will target, and formulate ways to do it. Marketing your pet store should need not be expensive at all though you would benefit from a few paid for services. Here are the ways to market your new pet shop. 

1. Advertise in print media 
List your pet store business in the local publications so that more people know about it. It’s especially important for a new business. Immediately you advertise, you will be inundated with email and phone queries. Be sure to answer all of them, and politely, however absurd they may be. It’s these callers who will get word to people within their circles about your store, further helping to market you. 

2. Use the power of the internet 
The web is perhaps the most powerful marketing tool of today. And with the added advantage that it can be very cheap, sometimes even costing nothing. You can advertise your business on the internet by using the following 

• Creating own blog 
• Listing your pet shop on business listing websites 
• Using social media like Facebook and Twitter 
• Subscribing customers to email newsletters 

Having own site is the most effective since you are in control and can easily influence how it ranks in search results. All you need is to enlist SEO services of a Gold Coast SEO Company  Look for a company offering SEO for pet stores. They will take care of your online marketing, fully. 
Once your site ranks high in search results, you will be assured of a sales increase as a uncountable number of people get to know about your business. SEO advertising has the biggest advantage in that it’s directed at the specific customers searching for specific product or service. 

3. Network 
Create mutual relationships. Attend events, especially related to pets and give out your business cards. Meet pet owners in these events and strike friendships. You can even ask for their emails and add the to your email subscription list. 
Involve yourself in a local charitable organization and make your business stand out as having an orientation toward community causes. People will learn to trust your shop products more and associate it with goodness and generosity, resulting in a stream of customers. Don’t, though, do it to market. Do it out of a heart to help in the community. 

4. Be unique in many ways 
Have products in your store that other pet stores rarely stock. Don’t worry if some of them are slow moving. The idea is for your business to stand out as a one stop store. Customers like to make their purchases where they have assurance they will get anything they want. 
Become an expert in matters related to pets and pet supplies. Often, customers will have questions, and you will need to offer satisfactory answers. They will become lifelong customers knowing that you are one pet shop owner who can offer them sound advice. 
Study a lot of pet related material and latest news about discoveries or inventions. Being knowledgeable you make you stand out in the crowd, and more pet owners will flock your shop, knowing they will not only get products but solid advice too. 

Whichever marketing strategy you engage, be sure to be thorough with it. Only then will you see the fruits; in terms of sales increase.

Darlene Mitchelle