Top 3 Reasons To Own A Dog

Have you been pondering this subject of reasons to own a dog for a while and still need convincing? If your reading this article, then your already 99% swayed. But here it is, just a few more motives for you to get out there and make one of these gorgeous creature’s part of the family. Reasons To Own A Dog


Like they say a dog really is a man’s best friend. Whether your part of a big family, or live alone, a dog can provide a completely unconditional and genuine friendship like no other. They can jump around this you when you’re happy, lie on you when your sad and make you laugh daily. So if you need a new best bud, then get yourself a dog.

dog and boy



Owning a dog is a brilliant way to kick start your otherwise low fitness routine. All dogs require a reasonable level of walking, so getting out and about with them is the perfect excuse. You will be surprised how quickly you start racking up the steps on your daily step count. There puppy dog eyes will get you up and out first thing and enjoying the active lifestyle.

dog running on a field

dog running and keeping you fit at the same time


Owning a dog has many fantastic social aspects. Firstly, if owning a dog is new to you, you will have to find new places to walk your dog and this will give you the chance to meet new people. Also, it is a fantastic excuse to get your friends out for a walk and a coffee and even get your family out and about.

man and lady drinking coffee with dog

being social whilst dog walking

Dogs have so much more to offer than these three aspects, there are thousands of reasons to own a dog, there is no love more unconditional than that of a dog which is why they are mans best friend and always will be.


Darlene Mitchelle