The Emotional Benefits of Dog Walking

Who would have thought that there are some seriously great emotional benefits of dog walking? Well, its true. Amongst dog walkers these benefits seem apparent or may even go unnoticed because they have been doing it for so long. But for those who are new to it because  for the first time you have a dog, here are the emotional benefits you can expect. 


Now walking may not seem like a massive fitness changer but depending on the amount you walk your dog, you can see some amazing differences in physical fitness. On top of this, it has been proven that exercise can combat depression. Some scientists believe it is the most effective way to defeat the blues which is why dog walking can be so beneficial to your emotional health. Add that to being physically fit and you are well on your way to a happy day!

lady walking dog

exercise whilst walking your dog


Believe it or not, walking your dog is very much a social event. This is because dog walkers usually walk their dogs around the same time everyday. This means that not only do you get to meet new people but that you also get to stay connected to these new friends through the love of walking your dog. Being connected to others has been proven to combat stress and depression.

man and lady drinking coffee with dog

being social whilst dog walking

Taking in nature

There are very few things more tranquil than walking your dog and being surrounded by the country side. This is a fantastic stress reliever and many dog walkers get themselves out whenever they are feeling slightly down. With the love of your dog and the beautiful surroundings, its hard not to start smiling from the bliss of it all.

dog in the hills

being in the country side with your dog


Get yourselves out there, find the most amazing locations to walk your dog, make friends and take in the surroundings. Who new that a happy life could be so simple? Its time to get walking!

Darlene Mitchelle